Dec 28, 2006

Celebrities = trash

This post isn't about designer handbags or shoes, but I thought I'd post it anyways. Lately I've been getting more and more disgusted with celebrities. What is happening to them? Why are they dressing so badly and looking like trash? I constantly keep seeing Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears wearing shapeless torn clothes or having extremely bad hair days. They constantly look like they badly need a shower! I just want to scrub all this dirt and grease of Britney and Lindsay. Tara Reid seems to have cleaned up a little bit. But other celebrities just keep looking worse and worse. Don't they have enough money to hire stylists and hairdressers and what not? Don't they have mirrors at home? Even if they don't, can't they see pictures of themselves in the tabloids? I understand that they can't keep dressing up for the paparazzi cameras and they do want to be able to live normal lives, but I mean everyone should take showers and wear clean decent clothes. Even if it's sweatpants and a t-shirt.
And what's with the no panties or bras? Is it really so hard to wear underwear once in a while? What were their parents thinking raising their kids like that? I hope somebody will be able to explain this to me someday. This whole thing just makes me mad.

Dec 21, 2006

Celebrities carrying fake designer bags?

I found a thread at the Purseblog forum where the members were discussing celebrities carrying fake bags. I am not good at telling whether a bag is fake or not unless I actually see it in real life or get loads of close up pictures, but some forum members are supposedly really good at identifying fakes. I was surprised when I saw all these pictures that they posted of celebrities carrying fake Louis Vuitton bags. First of all, I couldn't see that they were fake. Okay, some bags were actually obvious fakes, such as Anna Kournikova's Multicolor Louis Vuitton Speedy (she actually admitted to carrying a fake). But Paris and Nicky Hilton? Would they really carry fakes? I guess you could say that they are rich and careless and therefore do not pay as much attention to what they buy or how much it costs. But still.. Celebrities? Fakes? I really do not know what to think of this. I refuse to believe that people that rich would buy a fake bag.

Dec 19, 2006

Shopping - Christmas gifts from Louis Vuitton

Looking for Christmas gifts from high-fashion designers? Here are a few examples of smaller Louis Vuitton gifts what you can get for your better half or some other special person.


Pochette MM, $330 at eLuxury
Clochette Key Holder, $365 at eLuxury
Key and Change Holder, $200.00 at eLuxury
6 Key Holder, $225.00 at eLuxury

Etui à Cigarettes , $270.00 at eLuxury
Organizer Olav, $585.00 at eLuxury

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Dec 17, 2006

Types of handbags

In case you are not so familiar with bags (designer or non-designer), here is a little 101 by Cathy Feldman on the different bag types - name, style, look and feel.

1. Shoulder Bag – A shoulder bag comes in many different sizes and shapes. They are usually larger, providing more space for essentials such as your wallet, books, makeup etc. Shoulder bags are meant only to be worn over the shoulder and provide a combination practicality and style in one handbag.

2. Handheld Handbag – Handheld handbags are handbags which are designed to be held in the hand and no other way. They are usually smaller and provide less space than a shoulder bag. The difference between this form of bag and a clutch is that a handheld bag usually has a strap or handles. These types of bags are best suited for shopping or cruising around town...

- Read the full article by Cathy Feldman-

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Laptop Bags

I bought a new laptop recently - a MacBook - and straight after sorting out everything with the operating systems and other software I started searching the web for a decent-looking laptop bag. I found a few good websites offering really nice-looking laptop bags but eventually I ordered one from Apple's homepage. It is by Knomo and is made of very good quality leather.
knomo laptop bag
Now I found this web page with a rather interesting list of laptop bags. With pictures, of course. Check it out!

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Dior - great winter bags!

In the latest Dior handbags collection you can find this one particular bag in all sorts of different colors and sizes - the Gaucho bag. I think this bag is perfect for winter. Of course, it would be great in summer, too, but somehow I think it would look best with cozy winter coats, jackets and sweaters.
All the celebrities seem to have already realized how great this bag is and here are some pictures to show you how great the Gaucho bag is.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
Sienna Miller
Sienna MillerMischa Barton
Mischa Barton
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
Heidi Klum
Heidi KlumGisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton
Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton
Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

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Dec 15, 2006


I am a member at this very popular purse-forum and just recently I saw this thread where forum members were discussing the "bag hierarchy", i.e. what brands are considered to be more exclusive than the others. People's opinions differ quite a bit but you could definitely see that Hermés was almost unanimously decided to be at the top of the bag "food chain". So I decided to dedicate a post to Hermés.

Hermés is a legendary French luxury house which began as saddle maker in Paris inKelly the end of the 19th century. In the 1920s Hermés introduced the first ladies bags with zippers (it also had the patent for zippers in France). The company also expanded its production into other leather goods such as belts, gloves and men and women's sportswear and also designed the travel trunks to meet needs of the new automobile drivers. The world's most coveted handbag - The Kelly - debuted in 1956 after Grace Kelly used a large crocodile handbag to hide her pregnancy. Later in the 70s Hermés introduced a shoe collection and the first complete ready-to-wear men's collection.

The Birkin bag rage that is still going on today was started by the actress Jane Birkin. It is said that she complained to a Hermés marketing director that the Kelly bag was hard to open (or simply that there wasn't a bag that would fit her needs) and hence the Birkin bag was made. Right now this bag has the longest waiting list of approximately six years!

In 2003 Jean-Paul Gaultier joined the house as the women's ready-to-wear designer.

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Nov 28, 2006


Since winter is slowly (or not so slowly) creeping up on us I've decided to do a post on boots. To be more precise - celebrities and their boots.

Kate Bosworth wearing ankle boots on the set of The Girl in the Park:
kate bosworth
...and out and about:
Kate Bosworth
Sienna Miller:
Sienna Miller Sienna Miller
Jessica Simpson:
Jessica Simpson
Nicole Richie:
Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

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Saving money for a purse?

If you are saving money for a new purse you need to get a piggy bank and not just any simple kinda piggy bank but this special handbag money box:

You can buy this money box at

Nov 20, 2006

Pretty Designer Handbags

Here are some pictures of handbags that I find pretty. I'm trying to make up for that ugly handbags post. So, I hope you enjoy these babies! :)

This one I aboslutelly LOVE! I love the color, love the golden chain and the quilted leather. It's a Marc Jocobs and you can buy it for $795 at eLuxury.

This one is also a Marc Jacobs and I love the way it looks so strict and professional. I also love the color. Brown is definitelly my favourite color at the moment. This one is $1500 at eLuxury. (Oh, how I wish I could just go and spend this much money on a bag.. Well, I'd definitelly be broke after that!)

This bag is a little too bling-bling for me but I love the look of it anyways. It's a Versace and you can get it for $1482.

Last but definitelly not least is this gorgeous Juicy Couture bag for just $250. I absolutelly love it! Actually thinking of buying this one, but somebody should stop me before I do something stupid..

Nov 19, 2006

Ugly Designer Handbags

Whenever you find a blog or a website about designer handbags or other products for that matter, you always read about people adoring the items and saying how gorgeous or beautiful they are. Well, what about handbags, purses or totes that are plain ugly? Or do you think that just because something is made by a famous designer and costs a fortune it is therefore pretty? I went out on the Internet and looked through different bag collections and here are a few examples of purses that I think are ugly.

Marc Jacobs

Juicy Couture

Nov 18, 2006

Top 7 Online Designer Shoe Stores - footwear for men and women. Designers: Celine, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, etc. - sells shoes from Jimmy Choo, Dior, Prada and other great designers. - shoes, boots, pumps and sandals from many designers including Chloe, Joicy Couture and Kate Spade. - huge selection of designer shoes. Brands: Ugg, BCBG Max Azria, Dolce Vita, L.A.M.B, Converse and many more. - has also a wide selection of shoes from such designers as Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

And last, but definitelly not least, we have and These are, probably, the most well-known online stores for designer products.

So, if you have loads of spare cash that you just feel like spending, go visit these stores and.. well, knock yourself out! ;)

Designer Handbags 101

Designer Handbags 101 is a website that offers information about designer handbags, purses and luggage. You can find information about the handbag trends and styles, what is hot, fresh and fantastic and what is the most flattering bag for your body type. It includes lists of all the designers and also the stories behind their success. So, don't just sit there, go check it out! You can find the link in the "Links you might like" section of this page.

Nov 17, 2006

It's in the Bag

Combine your interest for purses with you interest for books!
"It's in the Bag is a short, lively look at handbags—their history, their lure, and their emotional meaning. Gallagher invites us to explore one seemingly simple object's complex significance to the people who design, produce, market, assess, and use it. We meet high-profile designers who strive to combine talent, perfect timing, recognizable trademarks, personal charisma, and celebrity endorsements in the creation of a must-have "It" bag; fashion editors, the powerful tastemakers who shape our sensibility; psychologists who probe the purse's symbolism; and some very different women who express a range of attitudes about handbags, from an army major's antipathy to a collector's obsession."

Nov 16, 2006

Balenciaga - the "it" bag

The Balenciaga bag with all its different sizes and colors has been the "it" bag for quite some time now. It is definitelly a good investment, the bag is of very high quality and it is absolutely gorgeous. Also, for those of you who try to keep up with fashion, Balenciaga will definitelly stay in the "it" bag position for a couple of years in the future. Although, I'm sure that true fans will stay loyal to Balenciaga no matter what.

Celebrities seem to adore the Balenciaga. Most of them have been seen sporting different models of the bag in many different colors. Nicole Richie is probably the biggest Balenciaga fan.

balenciaga balenciaga
balenciaga balenciaga
balenciaga balenciaga


You can find more information about Balenciaga bags on this webpage: Purspage: Balenciaga Handbags.

Chanel travel bags

chanel bags

If you want to travel with style you can chose Chanel's travel accessories from fall-winter 2006 collection. The picture above shows aged calfskin trolley, aged calfskin travel bag and aged calfskin flap bag. These designer bags aren't just gorgeous but are also very practical.

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Designer bags - a list of online stores

Shopping the Trend is a website that has a searchable list of all the designer brands and the online stores where you can buy the particular designer's products. You can even see whether the store's shipping area is US or international.

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Nov 15, 2006

Celebrities and their bags

Kate Bosworth with Chloe Paddington

Mischa Barton with Chanel

Sienna Miller with Balenciaga

Jessica Simpson with Louis Vuitton

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