Nov 20, 2006

Pretty Designer Handbags

Here are some pictures of handbags that I find pretty. I'm trying to make up for that ugly handbags post. So, I hope you enjoy these babies! :)

This one I aboslutelly LOVE! I love the color, love the golden chain and the quilted leather. It's a Marc Jocobs and you can buy it for $795 at eLuxury.

This one is also a Marc Jacobs and I love the way it looks so strict and professional. I also love the color. Brown is definitelly my favourite color at the moment. This one is $1500 at eLuxury. (Oh, how I wish I could just go and spend this much money on a bag.. Well, I'd definitelly be broke after that!)

This bag is a little too bling-bling for me but I love the look of it anyways. It's a Versace and you can get it for $1482.

Last but definitelly not least is this gorgeous Juicy Couture bag for just $250. I absolutelly love it! Actually thinking of buying this one, but somebody should stop me before I do something stupid..

1 comment:

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