Nov 6, 2010

High Quality Laptop Bags from Knomo

If I ever need a new laptop bag I will not look anywhere else but Knomo. They have the most gorgeous laptop bags (and sleeves!) in all colors, shapes and forms. I absolutely love them all, Knomo is definitely my favourite brand for laptop bags and sleeves. They're very durable also - I've had mine for the past 3 years and it's holding up very well.

Here are my favourite Knomo laptop bags. These two are called Lola and are absolutely gorgeous. Especially the second one - it looks like a great shopping tote and not just a bag for your laptop.
knomo laptop bag lola

knomo lola laptop bag

And how about this elegant Knomo laptop sleeve? I think this one is to die for! Too bad I no longer need to carry my laptop anywhere, otherwise I'd be buying this one right now.
Check out more Knomo laptop bags on their website

Nov 3, 2010

Cheap designer handbags? Discount authentic bags? No, thanks!

All women (and men for that matter) would love to be able to buy lots and lots of designer bags and other luxury items. However, unless you are Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton, you probably have some concerns about the finances required for this type of "hobby". Most of us would love to find cheap or discounted designer purses, but please be careful! If you are looking to buy a designer bag online - watch out for counterfeit purses and knock-offs.

If you see a website that advertises "Cheap Designer Bags!", "Discount Authentic Louis Vuistton Handbags", "Hermés Purses for Less", and so on, do study carefully what kind of shop this is, where the bags come from, and look for reviews from people who actually bought from this site. Some might actually be selling authentic handbags.

If you see a site that says "Very Cheap Designer Handbags from China!" - you are better off staying away. It's no secret that most of fake designer bags come from China, so try not to buy from sites that advertise designer handbags from China.

For more info and tips on buying designer bags online:

How to buy an authentic designer handbag online
If you can't afford to buy a designer bag - rent it

And don't forget the stores/resellers I recommended a while ago - Let-Trade and Luxury Shops. For more info go to the post Chanel Handbags for Less, You Ask?

Oct 31, 2010

Dasha Zhukova - a great style icon

Recently I've been more and more looking at pictures of Dasha Zhukova - she's become my new style icon. Always dressed very elegantly and classy she just gives off this great vibe... I love her outfits. Here are a few of my Dasha Zhukova favorites.

dasha zhukova outfit

dasha zhukova style

dasha zhukova dress

Celine Luggage - The IT bag?

I just recently discovered that the new IT bag for me (and for many others) at the moment seems to be Celine Luggage collection. Bags from this collection are AMAZING!

Check out, for example, these Celine Luggage Envelope bags - absolutely gorgeous, aren't they?

So what do you think about Celine Luggage collection?

Oct 25, 2010

Lanvin Sneakers Sale - Women/Men

For those of you who really like Lanvin sneakers I've found a few places where you can find them on sale right now.

LUISAVIAROMA has some Lanvin sneakers on sale (both women's and men's sneakers), check it out here.

Lanvin sneakers sale women

Nieman Marcus also has Lanvin sneakers on sale - click here for more Lanvin sneakers for women and men. Oh, and don't forget to check out Bluefly's sneakers sale here.

Jul 2, 2010

Where to Buy Designer Dresses Online

In a few months I will be going to a wedding so in the past few weeks I've started looking for a nice dress I can wear that day. I decided that this time I'm going to buy a dress online as it is so much more hassle-free. This lead me to discover an amazing designer-dress online shop that sells all types of dresses (for any occasion!) from various designers. And I want to share my discovery with you. You guys probably know about this website, but for me this was news.

So here it is: They have dresses by designers like Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson and many others. So if you are looking to buy designer dresses online - go check it out!

buy designer dresses online

Jun 21, 2010

Daria Werbowy Style

 I came across a few pictures of model Daria Werbowy and I must say I like her style. Daria Werbowy is really beautiful and I really enjoy looking at pictures of her. Here are a few photos where I really like Daria's style - chic, but with an edge.

Daria Werbowy in what appears to be a sequined jacket over a simple white top. I like the outfit in this picture - simple but beautiful.

In this photo Daria Werbowy is wearing a gorgeous dress. Love it.

Jun 11, 2010

Chanel Nail Varnish - A Must Have

Each season Chanel manages to come out with an amazing collection of nail varnishes with colors that are sought after by the most fashionable of the fashionistas. So if you by some chance have not been tuning into the world of Chanel's nail polishes or have not been even remotely interested in nail varnishes - check out some of my favourite colors below and I bet you are going to fall in love with them.

Here are my picks.

Chanel Blue Satin 461

Chanel Vendetta 483

Chanel Particuliere 505 
(my most favourite Chanel nail varnish or to be more precise - my most favourite nail varnish ever. period.)
 Chanel Jade 407 (lovely color for summer)

Mar 14, 2010

Chanel Handbags for Less, You Ask?

So, you have been dreaming about a Chanel purse for years, but have not been able to fork up the cash required? Well, don't hang your head low - you can actually find authentic Chanel handbags for less!  Obviously, one way would be to go around charity shops and hope for the best. But what about finding authentic Chanel bags for sale online? That's not impossible, too. I personally can advise you two online shops where you can buy authentic Chanel handbags. These are not the only online stores out there, there surely are more, but I leave it to you to do the research and recommend them.

The stores I fully trust and know for a fact they sell authentic designer purses are Let Trade and Luxury Shops. Let Trade is an ebay based handbags store, which has existed for years. Luxury Shops has been reselling authentic bags for less for years, too. Both offline and online.