Nov 6, 2010

High Quality Laptop Bags from Knomo

If I ever need a new laptop bag I will not look anywhere else but Knomo. They have the most gorgeous laptop bags (and sleeves!) in all colors, shapes and forms. I absolutely love them all, Knomo is definitely my favourite brand for laptop bags and sleeves. They're very durable also - I've had mine for the past 3 years and it's holding up very well.

Here are my favourite Knomo laptop bags. These two are called Lola and are absolutely gorgeous. Especially the second one - it looks like a great shopping tote and not just a bag for your laptop.
knomo laptop bag lola

knomo lola laptop bag

And how about this elegant Knomo laptop sleeve? I think this one is to die for! Too bad I no longer need to carry my laptop anywhere, otherwise I'd be buying this one right now.
Check out more Knomo laptop bags on their website

Nov 3, 2010

Cheap designer handbags? Discount authentic bags? No, thanks!

All women (and men for that matter) would love to be able to buy lots and lots of designer bags and other luxury items. However, unless you are Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton, you probably have some concerns about the finances required for this type of "hobby". Most of us would love to find cheap or discounted designer purses, but please be careful! If you are looking to buy a designer bag online - watch out for counterfeit purses and knock-offs.

If you see a website that advertises "Cheap Designer Bags!", "Discount Authentic Louis Vuistton Handbags", "Hermés Purses for Less", and so on, do study carefully what kind of shop this is, where the bags come from, and look for reviews from people who actually bought from this site. Some might actually be selling authentic handbags.

If you see a site that says "Very Cheap Designer Handbags from China!" - you are better off staying away. It's no secret that most of fake designer bags come from China, so try not to buy from sites that advertise designer handbags from China.

For more info and tips on buying designer bags online:

How to buy an authentic designer handbag online
If you can't afford to buy a designer bag - rent it

And don't forget the stores/resellers I recommended a while ago - Let-Trade and Luxury Shops. For more info go to the post Chanel Handbags for Less, You Ask?