Jun 21, 2010

Daria Werbowy Style

 I came across a few pictures of model Daria Werbowy and I must say I like her style. Daria Werbowy is really beautiful and I really enjoy looking at pictures of her. Here are a few photos where I really like Daria's style - chic, but with an edge.

Daria Werbowy in what appears to be a sequined jacket over a simple white top. I like the outfit in this picture - simple but beautiful.

In this photo Daria Werbowy is wearing a gorgeous dress. Love it.

Jun 11, 2010

Chanel Nail Varnish - A Must Have

Each season Chanel manages to come out with an amazing collection of nail varnishes with colors that are sought after by the most fashionable of the fashionistas. So if you by some chance have not been tuning into the world of Chanel's nail polishes or have not been even remotely interested in nail varnishes - check out some of my favourite colors below and I bet you are going to fall in love with them.

Here are my picks.

Chanel Blue Satin 461

Chanel Vendetta 483

Chanel Particuliere 505 
(my most favourite Chanel nail varnish or to be more precise - my most favourite nail varnish ever. period.)
 Chanel Jade 407 (lovely color for summer)