Jan 24, 2008

Heath Ledger
4th April 1979 - 22 Jan 2008

Jan 9, 2008

Suhali Lockit Gold and Silver

Louis Vuitton has introduced some new colors into their Suhali Lockit collection: silver and gold. It does look nice on pictures, but somehow I'm not sure if I am liking it. Just seems a little too much. I never really liked the Miroir either. So what do you guys think?

Jan 5, 2008

Sales Continue!

Just want to remind everyone that the sale at Net-a-porter is still going on!
So those of you who has missed it, grab your wallets and off to net-a-porter.com.

Here are a few examples of the sale items:

Fendi Spy Bag - 40% off - €2,205.00
Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Bowler - 40% off - €774.00