Oct 21, 2007

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Recently Louis Vuitton added a new bag to their monogram collection, and that's Neverfull. It comes in three different sizes and is very flexible, because the size of the bag can be adjusted using special straps.

In Octobers issue of the Oprah magazine where they tested a number of different bags, the Neverfull was listed as one of the bags that are good for your back! Which I suppose is understandable since it is so light-weight and has very convenient handles.

The price of the Neverfull is also pretty good. My guess is that Louis Vuitton was aiming at creating a bag that would be at the "entry level" as is the Speedy. It's a good looking bag, it comes in three sizes, it has the traditional monogram canvas - that is pretty much what Louis Vuitton newbees look for!

So, if you are new to Louis Vuitton and desperatelly want a bag of theirs - this is a good opportunity! However, the Neverfull is selling so great, that one can't help to wonder if LV will increase the price. I suggest you get up now and get yourself to the nearest LV store!

Good luck! :)

Oct 20, 2007

Leggings - in or out?

Leggings have been popular among fashionistas for quite a while now. We love them, celebrities love them.. so what's next?

With winter comming up I think that leggings will definitelly stay "in" for a few more months. Although many people will be now choosing leggings with feet, which really isn't anything new - it's the good old tights! For me it's just strange to say "leggings with feet" when it's really tights we're talking about. So, if the winter calls for tights then when comes spring - will leggings still be in? Aren't we all a little too tired of them? I know I am, though I am still a big fan of leggings. I was one of the first ones to start wearing them. In my area anyways..

So, leggings - in or out? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...