Oct 20, 2007

Leggings - in or out?

Leggings have been popular among fashionistas for quite a while now. We love them, celebrities love them.. so what's next?

With winter comming up I think that leggings will definitelly stay "in" for a few more months. Although many people will be now choosing leggings with feet, which really isn't anything new - it's the good old tights! For me it's just strange to say "leggings with feet" when it's really tights we're talking about. So, if the winter calls for tights then when comes spring - will leggings still be in? Aren't we all a little too tired of them? I know I am, though I am still a big fan of leggings. I was one of the first ones to start wearing them. In my area anyways..

So, leggings - in or out? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

1 comment:

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