Apr 22, 2007

Damier Azur

Louis Vuitton has recently updated their collection with a new line of Damier Azur items. The classical speedy that now comes in a gorgeous summer version is really hard to resist. It is just so summery-gorgeous. But then again I was so surprised looking through the collection to find this gorgeous and even more summery badminton set. Wow, this is just a little odd, but so absolutely fabulous. Me like!


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VampGirl said...

I love the handbag. Kind of demure.


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Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

Wow, this is absolutely adorable. Now I wish I had more money to run out and buy it :) I'll have to see if my boss will order some for our company. *smiles*


Anonymous said...

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purses said...

This is very cute. I am going to use this idea for Easter! Thank you for your time to make this article!