Dec 15, 2006


I am a member at this very popular purse-forum and just recently I saw this thread where forum members were discussing the "bag hierarchy", i.e. what brands are considered to be more exclusive than the others. People's opinions differ quite a bit but you could definitely see that Hermés was almost unanimously decided to be at the top of the bag "food chain". So I decided to dedicate a post to Hermés.

Hermés is a legendary French luxury house which began as saddle maker in Paris inKelly the end of the 19th century. In the 1920s Hermés introduced the first ladies bags with zippers (it also had the patent for zippers in France). The company also expanded its production into other leather goods such as belts, gloves and men and women's sportswear and also designed the travel trunks to meet needs of the new automobile drivers. The world's most coveted handbag - The Kelly - debuted in 1956 after Grace Kelly used a large crocodile handbag to hide her pregnancy. Later in the 70s Hermés introduced a shoe collection and the first complete ready-to-wear men's collection.

The Birkin bag rage that is still going on today was started by the actress Jane Birkin. It is said that she complained to a Hermés marketing director that the Kelly bag was hard to open (or simply that there wasn't a bag that would fit her needs) and hence the Birkin bag was made. Right now this bag has the longest waiting list of approximately six years!

In 2003 Jean-Paul Gaultier joined the house as the women's ready-to-wear designer.

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I am a member at this very popular purse-forum and just recently I saw this thread where forum members were discussing the "bag hierarchy. click here