Dec 21, 2006

Celebrities carrying fake designer bags?

I found a thread at the Purseblog forum where the members were discussing celebrities carrying fake bags. I am not good at telling whether a bag is fake or not unless I actually see it in real life or get loads of close up pictures, but some forum members are supposedly really good at identifying fakes. I was surprised when I saw all these pictures that they posted of celebrities carrying fake Louis Vuitton bags. First of all, I couldn't see that they were fake. Okay, some bags were actually obvious fakes, such as Anna Kournikova's Multicolor Louis Vuitton Speedy (she actually admitted to carrying a fake). But Paris and Nicky Hilton? Would they really carry fakes? I guess you could say that they are rich and careless and therefore do not pay as much attention to what they buy or how much it costs. But still.. Celebrities? Fakes? I really do not know what to think of this. I refuse to believe that people that rich would buy a fake bag.


Anonymous said...

nice blog!! btw, most if very rich people & famous celebrities is very smart in term to buying the fashion flow handbag - they would't buying & waste their penny just because it's the same material (leather of animal skin) & keep buying until could't find any space to store, instead to use the fake is very flexsible!

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