Nov 27, 2007

Where are our fashion icons?

I don't understand what is happening to this world. Wherever I look, whether its the printed press or the Internet I see trashy-looking Britney or Amy Winehouse. Some time ago they were showing at least some more of those young celebrities, like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie or Sienna Miller. Now it's only these two. Each day looking trashier than the day before. 
Where are we supposed to get our inspiration and fashion sense? Yes, of course, we have Vogue and Cosmopolitan and all the others. But I used to love staring at the less classy magazines with the overflow of pictures of the extremely skinny Nicole Richie. Yes, she looked horrible, but her clothes.. oh, her outfits where just sooo perfect. And whenever they weren't showing Paris dirty dancing at some club, they published pictures of her in very well put together outfits. 
So, when is this - as calls them - Unfitney and Wino era going to end? 

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