Nov 18, 2007

The (Style) Bible

Ever wondered how celebrities always (okay, not always, but often) look so put-together? Perfect outfits, perfect hair, perfect nails.. Everything matches. Well, most of them have personal stylists. We - ordinary folks - don't. But don't worry, because there is a book that can help you learn all you need to learn about style!

I am talking about "The Pocket Stylist" by Kendall Farr. Believe me - if you want to learn about style and fashion and how to put together the perfect wardrobe - this is the only book you will have to read. Yes, it's THAT good! Kendall Farr is a former fashion editor and she has worked with many big fashion magazines.

So, all you fashion savvy girls, get out there and get a copy of this book if you haven't done that already.

1 comment:

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