Mar 7, 2007

LA and Vegas shopping for Balenciaga

If you are in the Los Angeles area (be it Hollywood or Beverly Hills) or Las Vegas and are eager to buy a new Balenciaga - this is for you.
So, where can you find it?
The usual stores that carry Balenciaga bags in the United States are Neiman Marcus, Barney's New York and Saks Fifth Avenue. But not all of them carry the purses. However, here is some info on which stores do.
If you are in Vegas: Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Show Mall has a rather good collection of "Bbags".
If you are in LA: Don't bother going in Neiman Marcus or Saks by the Rodeo Drive (Wilshire boulevard). Go straight to Barney's. That's where you'll find you dream purse. And while you are in the area, swing by the gorgeous LV boutique just around the block. LV handbags are such an eye-candy. Always and forever.

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