Mar 15, 2007

High-Waist Jeans - yay or nay?

Over the past year a few celebrities have been spotted wearing hight-waist jeans and many people are wondering if this trend is here to stay. Right now when skinny and low-waist jeans are still very much in it is very hard to imagine liking the high-waist, but who knows, fashion is funny that way - you might first hate it but then you fall in love with it.

Here are the pictures of the celebrities wearing the high-waist jeans.

Sienna Miller:

Geri Halliwell:

Kate Moss:


LJP said...


It doesn't even look good on super-skinny people such as these. How do you sit down in those things anyway?

anyothergirl said...

yeah, i agree, at least for the simple reason that high waist jeans don't suit my figure, all you see on me is just legs!

Trisha said...

I disagree...i own a pair of these and they are one of my favorite pairs! You dont have any problem sitting in them and you dont have to worry about your butt crack hanging out. :)

xinxin said...

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