Jan 5, 2007

Cameron Diaz Style

Cameron Diaz is beautiful, smart and funny. What else can a girl want? She also has a very good sense of style (or a really good stylist!). On the picture below you can see her with the new Balenciaga Work bag with giant hardware. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans, bright pumps and a simple top - and there you are going a la Cameron style. Simple and yet so beautiful.

Cameron also seems to like short dresses. Just recently she showed up at Ellen DeGeneres show wearing a fabulous short dress and killer hills. I guess when you have such gorgeous legs all you can do is show them off!

And even when it's cold outside and she has to cover herself up a little to keep worm, she manages to throw on things that make again a simple and yet so stylish outfit.

And, of course, what does every girl need to complete her simple and stylish outfit? A pretty handbag! Here you see Cameron sporting a gorgeous handbag by Jimmy Choo.

To finish this post I must mention that there are rumors going around that Cameron and Justin Timberlake broke up. Don't know if it is the truth and whether the rumor has been confirmed, but I know I loved them as a couple. They were great together. However, no matter what happens, I hope they are happy.